G’s Angels is a group that battles the international drug crisis using three key themes

Es una iniciativa con Enorme contenido emocional y humano, que merece realmente respaldarse, de todo corazón. Se lo que es la perdida, bajo similares circunstancias, de un familiar muy cercano. Que Dios les de consuelo y fuerzas para seguir.

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Gs Angels is an organization with a very meaningful purpose. The opioid epidemic is bigger than ever, and awareness needs to be raised on how much of an effect drugs have on the people we love. I lost a friend I knew practically my whole life to opioids…a great person both inside and out…a person you never thought would use. That is why this needs to be brought to the worlds attention. Overdose is very real, and it could be waiting to happen to someone close to you. Help raise awareness to this meaningful cause!!!


G’s Angel’s is not only geared to providing awareness and empowerment but is also focused on promoting activities that foster a healthy anti-drug lifestyle aimed at improving mental and physical health.


G’s angels is more than just an organization, it is a family. G’s angels aims at promoting a healthy lifestyle and raising awareness on the drug epidemic that we are facing today.

Claudia Insenga

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